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CHE Memory Centers
CHE Memory Centers

Who we are:
CHE Memory Centers is a division of CHE Senior Psychological Services, a group recognized as an industry leader for more than ten years in the delivery of quality mental health care.

Our Mission
The mission of CHE Memory Centers is to provide quality cognitive rehabilitation and behavioral health services to residents in long-term care and outpatient settings, primarily rehabilitation centers, community-based adult homes and day treatment centers. We embody a �collaborative� approach to cognitive rehabilitation as we seek to ensure the optimal integration of our services into a coordinated and comprehensive system of care, commensurate with policies and procedures of the host setting. We are committed to employing professionals of the highest caliber of competence and integrity and to facilitate their continued professional development in order to maximize the ongoing provision of state-of-the-art rehabilitation services to the residents and clients of our partner facilities.

Our Services
CHE Memory Centers has created a unique "brain gym" for people with mild cognitive impairment and early-to-middle-stage dementia. While not a cure for these conditions, our treatment approach draws upon understanding of the principles of neuroplasticity, the brain�s ability to form new connections and new neural cells at any age, if exercised regularly and appropriately, even after suffering some form of cognitive decline. Our personal 1:1 memory coaches integrate fun and challenging computerized training with the best of traditional cognitive rehabilitation, and infuse it in a philosophy and technique of mindful-based approaches to change. The program aims to improve brain function in six key areas:

  • Habits/routines
  • Emotional memory
  • Factual knowledge and recall

  • while improving
  • Attention
  • Speed of processing
  • Accuracy of decisions

CHE Memory Centers is working closely with Posit Science, using their Brain Fitness Program Classic�, the only computerized training product on the market to have published well-researched outcome data demonstrating improved attention, speed of processing and accuracy of choice. We are using this program in our own customized way under special arrangement with the software developer.

Our preliminary data demonstrates that brain gym participants show functional gains in several key areas. Some examples are:

  • Name and face recall
  • Word-finding skills
  • Ability to follow and recall conversations
  • Ability to keep track of appointments and events
  • Preserved independence in bill-paying and self medicating
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved capacity for empathy and compassion
  • Improved ability to form and maintain friendships
  • Decreased judgmental opinions
  • Decreased anxiety and depression

Recent studies in the neuroscience literature conclusively find that exercising the brain, as part of a comprehensive health regimen including diet and physical exercise, significantly increases both quality of life and longevity, while slowing -- and at times reversing -- cognitive decline.

CHE Memory Centers employs state-of-the-art methods of assessment and treatment of memory difficulties, especially at the earliest stages of the disease process. Our services are divided into three key areas:

  1. Neuropsychological Testing:Our Memory Assessment service provides a comprehensive evaluation, including such important abilities as attention, memory, reasoning and planning skills.

  2. Memory Training/Cognitive Rehabilitation:Our Brain Gyms employ 1:1 memory coaches, all of whom are either licensed psychologists or social workers who have been specially trained to address a variety of memory problems, even before they significantly limit one�s functional independence. CHE Memory Centers pioneered the use of computerized training and other cognitive rehabilitation strategies that result in demonstrable, measurable, functional gains.

  3. Behavioral Health Services: Sometimes a person develops memory impairments due to inability to manage chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or chronic pain. As a result of these and other conditions, strong negative emotions can often lead to memory impairment, or accelerate decline in persons with a preexisting memory problem. Therefore, CHE Memory Centers also offers a full range of behavioral health services to improve medical compliance, emotional well being and overall brain health.

Our services are covered under Medicare Part B, and can therefore be offered at no cost to assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers and other appropriate settings. Many facilities choose to highlight our brain gyms in their marketing plans, since our services help to distinguish their homes as providers of innovative, cutting-edge healthcare.

Contact Information To arrange for services or to request additional information about our program, please contact us at (800)275-3243.

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